About the Project

Students in motion is the largest and most unique project in the Digital Media and Creative Industries (DMCI) domain. During this project week (2-6 February 2015) 1780 students from four different programs will work together in teams. So all the first year students will meet to each other, Amsterdam and the creative industries. They are the new makers. Check out the website for more information
The video above represents all the routes made by the student from Monday the 2nd to Thursday the 5th.

Most active districts

The four maps below show the less and most active districts for each day of the project. To better understand the patterns we decided to plot the number of points recorded by the GOGOGO app for each of the Amsterdam districts. We used the shapefiles from the open data Amsterdam platform.
Furthermore for each day we computed the total number of teams who recorded at least one route, the total amount of routes and covered distance in km.

Monday 02/02/2015

Tuesday 03/02/2015

Wednsday 04/02/2015

Thursday 05/02/2015

Top teams

Which was the most active team? In the visualization below the teams are ranked by the total number of routes they recorded during the 4 days. Each circle is a route and the area is mapped on the distance covered, the color represent the methods used: walk, bike, public transport.
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